The Entrex Market Index is the composite index of the Entrex Capital Market.

EMI TIGRtokens™ provide monthly returns of the composite index.

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Entrex Market Index GOLDtoken™

GOLDtokens™ provide investors monthly yield  --

-- backed by physical gold.

Launched in 2018, GOLDtokens™ are available to accredited investors only and are private, restricted securities offered under Rule 506 of Regulation D of the Securities Act.


Each $10,000 GOLDtoken™ is backed by $10,000 in physical gold  stored and held FBO  Niagara Gold and Silver LLC. 


GOLDtokens™ provide investors the higher of 12% minimum annual interest, distributed monthly, or 2.24% of Niagara Gold and Silver's monthly revenues.


GOLDTokens™ are tradable via the Entrex eChain™ blockchain technology, subject to federal, state and local regulations.   GOLDtokens™ are not traded publicly and are subject to holding period requirements prior to secondary trading. They are not intended for investors who need a liquid investment.


To learn more, please contact us:   877 - 4Entrex.