The Entrex Market Index is the composite index of the Entrex Capital Market.

EMI TIGRtokens™ provide monthly returns of the composite index.

The above graph represents the historical Monthly Entrex Market Index performance

The Index is the average of each Issuer's monthly TIGRcub Interest Payment's (TIPs) net investor returns

Past Performance May Not be Indicative of Future Returns

The Entrex Market Index

The Composite Index of Entrex Capital Market

Each company participating in the Entrex Capital Market has up to 10% of its offering purchased by Entrex Market Index TIGRtokens™.

Each Entrex Market Index TIGRtoken™ purchases, on a pari-passu basis, each Company's TIGRcub® offering, providing investors a diverse basket of yield-oriented, revenue-enhanced, debt securities.

Entrex Market Index TIGRtokens™ receive monthly distributions of the interest payments from the diversified TIGRcub® portfolio.